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Friday, February 22, 2013

[LoL]League of Legends Hacker Time [2013]!

All hacks were checked yesterday!

League of Legends Gold Hack

How does it work? Watch here

Sick and tired of playing constant games with feeders as your team mates? You try your best by playing your part, you even get to the point where you try and save them but instead you fall into the consequences which means completely screwing yourself over? This is the where the League of Legends Gold Hack comes into action. What this hack is capable of doing is that you have the option to set the amount of gold you wish to start with and the amount of gold you gain per second. It’s auctally very simple to use compared to other League of legends Hacks

Status: WORKING!

League of Legends IP-RP Hack

How does it work? Watch here

With this League of Legends IP-RP Hack you can easily get that IP or RP rolling in to buy every single champion and rune in no time. How this works is it glitches the amount of IP and RP you have, multiplying them several times. For IP, it maximizes the amount of IP you would receive from each match. This means about 100 or more Influence Points ditched out of each game, earning you enough to buy any champion and rune you want in a matter of a few matches.

Status: WORKING!

League of Legends CoolDown Hack

How does it work? Watch here

CoolDown Hack which will solve your skill cooldowns and death respawn wait problems. It works similar to a league of legends cooldown reduction , allowing you to spam your skills without having to wait for the skill to reload again.

Status: WORKING!

League of Legends MapHack

How doeas it work? Watch here

New Hack for League of Legends, League of Legends MAPHack. Want to see where all your enemy champions are and where they are gathering? With the League of Legends MapHack, now you can! This hack reveals the entire map, including enemy territory. That’s right, no fog!
In addition, you will will get to see if your enemy is inside the bushes, waiting to ambush you. You will no longer need to go around wondering where your opponents are. In fact, with this League of Legends MapHack, you get the advantage of knowing where they exactly are.

 Status: WORKING!



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